Turn of the Century’s Mission Statement


Turn of the Century Inc. (TCI), is a company that specialize in custom-made board games, and furniture out of real hard wood.

To provide top quality wooden handcrafted games, and furniture fully customized and made to perfection for the customers' lasting satisfaction. Further, to produce unique and valuable products with sentimental value, which cannot be found elsewhere.

The theme behind Turn of the Century is 18th and 19th century games, children's' furniture, and more - going back to basics with games that truly stimulate cognitive thinking with hands-on face-to-face interaction. TCI (Turn of the Century, Inc.) provides customers with a rare and high quality handcrafted product. studies have shown that hands-on face-to-face interaction games have numerous health benefits.

Customers will be able to purchase TCI's pre-made products, or custom order any item to their desired type of wood, finish, material, pins, etching, etc. In short, TCI will focus on providing high quality, customizable, hand-made products in a world where most items are mass manufactured with little to no sentimental value, and which are discarded, upgraded, or obsolete in a matter of years.