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Started as a 6'6" x 16" Aspen Log. Finished out as 6' x 13.5" Handcarved address Pole.

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PRICING and ORDERING for custom orders

2 Bears Carved out of Ash 13 1/4" x 9 1/4"

Contact Information
Phone: 703-626-6657

A Herd of Horses Carved out of Ash & Hand Stained 17" x  11"

A couple of Panels designs before they are Stained. 

Your design can be as Large as 17" x 12"

or as small as 5" x 5".

You determine what best fits your space.

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All of my carvings are by custom order only. Prices are determined by size, type of material, design and the amount of labor required to create your own individual piece of art.

If you have a budget in mind, I can design a piece of art to fit. The design elements in my work can vary greatly in the amount of time required to execute the carving. This gives me a lot of freedom in being able adjust the design to fit your budget while maintaining a high degree on design quality. If you let me know a style and size you are interested in, I can give you an estimate.

If you want a custom design, there is a nonrefundable deposit of $100 for sketches, which applies to the price of the piece upon ordering. Don’t be afraid to suggest any ideas you might have. Generally, it works better if you tell me your budget in advance. This allows me to create a design concept that will fit your budget. I take pride in my ability to tailor the price and design to each client’s needs.

When you are ready to order, I require a 50% deposit, minus any drawing deposits. When the piece is completed, the balance is due, including the cost of shipping, prior to shipping. I will send you photos of the completed piece.

The turnaround time depends on the complexity of the carving as well as the backlog of orders I have at the time you order.

Shipping is extra. The cost is based on crating, shipping, and insurance. Generally shipped by USPS.